Krypton is a community-driven, privacy first cryptocurrency with a main focus on decentralization, scalability and fungibility.



We encourage everyone to read the original Cryptonote Whitepaper and the Krypton Lightpaper.
  • Finexbox trading is open

    1th September, 2019

    Finexbox - ZOD/BTC trading pair is now open. Happy trading.

  • Find us on CoinGecko

    29th August, 2019

    CoinGecko - price information, exchanges, trading volume.

  • Krypton GUI wallet v0.51 released + discord

    22th August, 2019

    New wallet release + (community voting). We looking for Discord admins!!!

  • Bitcointalk announcement, 4chan, official launch

    9:00PM UTC - 18th August, 2019

    Officially launched and now open to public.(BCT announcement). It's a community focused coin so every help, ideas or advice are welcome!

  • Adjust minimum mixin values, remove dust

    18 August, 2019

    Reached block 5000, adjusted some parameters with a soft fork at block height 5000.

  • GUI wallet + integrations

    16 August, 2019

    Check the code on github here.

    Download the latest Windows wallet here.

    Download the latest Linux/Ubuntu wallet here.

  • Genesis block...

    8th August 2019

    The start of the journey 8th August 2019, genesis block created.